Orlando Nightclub Shooting: How Should Christians React?

orlando nightclub shooting

A shooting at an Orlando nightclub has shocked the world. The total dead and injured make this the worst mass shooting in the nation’s history. This outrageous attack has caused many to take to social media to express their anger …

Free Mobile Wallpaper: Lord Cause Me To Dwell In Hope

you alone o lord cause me to dwell in hope

Hope is an illusory thing. Sometimes it disappears when we need it most. In the depths of despair and worry it is hard to imagine that things will get better. In times when I cannot find a reason to hope, …

Dealing With Fear And Trusting In God

dealing with fear

Dealing with fear is a universal experience. But shouldn’t Christians be immune to fear? Isn’t that what we tell ourselves all the time? We say we trust that God is in charge, but then act as if we alone determine …


Keep The Fast: Peanut Noodle Pasta Salad

peanut noodle pasta salad

Keep The Fast is a new series providing healthy, fast-friendly recipes for busy Orthodox families. Would you like to be notified when a new recipe is available? Sign up here. I’ll admit it. I have trouble keeping the fast. Between …


From Catechumen To Convert Part 1: A Beautiful House

A catechumen begins learning in the Church

Becoming a catechumen in the Orthodox Church begins the process of preparation to become a convert. Prior to being made a catechumen, there’s a feeling out process that takes place. For me, this process took over a year. I didn’t …

What Does It Do? Take A Reader Survey

reader survey

When I began this website, my priest gave me his blessing to discuss my path to Orthodoxy despite how early I was in the journey. He reads every post (I assume), and comments on the good and the bad. He …


Orthodox Christianity: The Essential Reading List

orthodox christianity reading list

Eastern Orthodox Christianity is one of the largest Christian fellowships in the world, second only to the Roman Catholic Church. Yet inside the United States it is almost unknown. As a former evangelical Christian, I understand the strange and mysterious …

The Icon Corner: A Perfect Imperfection

icon corner

Our icon corner is a beautiful mess. I’m a neat freak. I like everything in its place and want an orderliness to most everything I do. I Because of this, God has blessed me with a wife and daughter that …

Managing Chores For Kids (With a Free Chore Chart!)

managing chores for kids

Managing chores for kids can be a fate worse that death. They procrastinate and whine. They slump onto the floor like boneless chickens. They waste more time fighting doing their chores than they would spend actually doing the chores. For …


Orthodox Icons As A Teaching Tool

orthodox icons are a teaching tool

Orthodox icons are one of the most beautiful parts of the Eastern church. But they are more than decoration. They are a way of preserving the truth of the Gospel down through the ages. Orthodox icons are created only by …

Dealing With Grief Through Repentance

dealing with grief

Dealing with grief is something we must all do at one time or another. Countless books have been written about the grieving process and the proper ways to channel it. The five stages of grief have become a part of …

You Are Made In The Image Of God

Made in the image of God

You are made in the image of God. Think about that for a moment. The God of all creation made you in His image. You are an expression of the energies of God, a likeness of the Almighty. And God …

Myrrh-Bearing Women And Changing Plans

This past Sunday we commemorated the Myrrh-bearing women and Joseph of Arimathea. I’m struck by the fact that they were in the process of very specific tasks when Christ changed their plans drastically. The Gospel reading on this day is …

We’re building a foundation

building a foundation

Building a house starts with a building a foundation. Without a solid foundation, you can expect nothing but trouble in the future. If you sense a metaphor coming, you’re on to me. My wife and I are in the process of …


Doubting Thomas Got A Bad Rap

doubting thomas

I’ve always identified with Doubting Thomas. Despite being raised in church and never straying too far from my Christian upbringing, I’ve gone through valleys of doubt. There have been periods in my life where I have questioned the truth of …


Orthodox Roots In A Protestant Church

orthodox scripture

What if I told you that many of the customs of your Protestant church originated in Orthodox practice? For instance, what if I told you… • The groom’s side and the bride’s side in your average church wedding are where …

Serbian Orthodox Church Destroyed In Easter Fire

Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava

Photo: Stefan Miskovic The celebration of Holy Pascha by Orthodox Christians was marred by the destruction of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava in Manhattan. The church, which was built in 1851, was gutted by fire Sunday night after …