Why I Converted To Orthodoxy Part 2: Robert Novak

In case you missed it, Part 1 can be found here. Robert Novak’s conversion to Catholicism disturbed something inside me. Like many young people I became politically aware in college. Unlike many my age, I latched onto Reagan conservatism just …

How To Improve Your Marriage With One Step

I found out How To Improve Your Marriage With One Step

Husbands, do you want to know how to improve your marriage? Do you want to get the most out of your relationship with your wife? Do what I did. I made my bed. Not the world-changing marriage advice you expected. …


The Great Fast: I’m Doing It Wrong

Orthodox Christians are preparing for Lent, sometimes called the Great Fast. Our Catholic brethren are already there. And our Protestant cousins are still a ways out from celebrating Easter. The upcoming Lent will be the second one I’ve been through, …

What Happened To Me? I Found Orthodoxy

i found orthodoxy while browsing old books

There are people who knew me long before I found Orthodoxy that have been reading these posts. They grew up with me, went to school with me and worked with me. They know that I went kicking and screaming into …


Are You A Publican, A Pharisee Or Both?

I’m a Publican. But I’m also a Pharisee. And you are too. Here’s a quick refresher of the parable that Orthodox Christians commemorate on February 20: He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and …


Why I Converted To Orthodoxy – Part 1

journey to orthodoxy

Becoming an Orthodox Christian is no small matter in the first place. Coming to Orthodoxy from a Southern Baptist background can cause friends and relatives to look sideways and wonder what has gotten into you. In my case, everyone has …


Should Orthodox Converts Evangelize?


Do all Orthodox converts fall into the trap of bringing their Protestant zeal to evangelize with them? Or is it just me? Finding Orthodoxy has been a revelation to me, and it’s something that has given me joy, an increasing …


Thomas Hopko: A Prayer Primer

thomas hopko prayer primer

Someone who is investigating Orthodox Christianity will soon encounter the words of Father Thomas Hopko, a priest and theologian who left this world in 2015. Fr. Hopko was a beloved teacher and apologist for the faith. His lectures and commentaries on …


I No Longer Fear Martyrdom

i no longer fear martyrdom

“I came to Orthodoxy because I wanted to be part of a faith that would prepare me for martyrdom.” The words hit me like a gunshot. I had only just begun to explore the Orthodox Church and this bold declaration …