Forgiveness Sunday And Getting It Right

Forgiveness Sunday is the final Sunday before Great Lent. It’s also Cheesefare, after which Orthodox Christians abstain from dairy for the length of the fast. After the Divine Liturgy today, we ate macaroni and cheese, blintzes and various dips. It …


Do You Want To Be Orthodox?

learning to be orthodox

One of my favorite films is Martin Scorcese’s The Departed. It’s a thriller about an undercover cop sent to infiltrate the Irish mafia. His mission is to uncover a mole inside the Boston police department. There’s a line in the …

On Being Unworthy To Serve

unworthy to serve

When I post something on this site, I am writing to you. Some of you are baptized Orthodox Christians. Others are considering Orthodoxy, or merely curious about a faith all but unknown in America. But I try to consider what …

The Panikhida: Prayers For The Departed

the panikhida offers prayers for the departed

Recently our church offered prayers for the departed. A long time member of our parish passed away, and on the evening before his funeral, we held a a panikhida. Our small parish more or less split down the middle on …

Was Hurricane Irma A Punishment From God?

hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma unleashed its fury on the topics and Florida. The storm destroyed homes and upended lives. People across the state are without power and dealing with flooding. Off the southern coast of the state, the destruction is even worse. …

Solar Eclipse Mobile Wallpaper Download

solar eclipse mobile lockscreen

A solar eclipse is passing across the Earth later today. I’ve seen far too many posts on social media about its meaning and its relation to the End Times. God has a plan for this universe and all that is …

Confession: Getting Rid Of The Clutter

confession is a wiping clean of our clutter

I have a confession to make. The clutter on my nightstand is taking over my life. When I make a purchase I save the receipt and enter it into an app that keeps track of my spending. Then I compare …


Martyrdom In The Age Of Facebook

martyrdom in the modern age

“I no longer fear martyrdom.” These were the first words to appear on this website. I wrote this not long after my conversion to Orthodox Christianity when I was full of zeal and eager to share my new faith. The …


Orthodox Evangelism: Using Words Only If Necessary

orthodox evangelism

Orthodox evangelism is something I believe will become more common in America as more people seek out the ancient church. More converts will take the lessons they have learned elsewhere and apply them to Orthodoxy, for better or worse. So …


Hate Organized Religion? Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Love It

we need organized religion

” I hate organized religion.” At one time I shared that sentiment. When I was an Evangelical Christian attending a Pentecostal church, organization was not a priority. I wanted a “move of the Spirit,” not stodgy, dead religion. But eventually I …

Icon: A Novel – An Interview with Author Georgia Briggs

icon: a novel is a new work of fiction for orthodox youths

Icon: A Novel is a new work by Georgia Briggs, and my daughter loves it. The book is a young adult novel focusing on Euphrosyne, an Orthodox girl living in a post-Christian America. Icon: A Novel is receiving rave reviews from …

The Orthodox Church is a hospital

the orthodox church is a hospital

The Orthodox Church is a hospital for a suffering world. Orthodoxy understands salvation to be a process of healing and drawing nearer to God. Attending the Divine Liturgy is like going to the hospital, not going to the courthouse. There is healing …


Video: What I Love And Hate About The Orthodox Church

What I Love And Hate About The Orthodox Church

A video titled What I Love And Hate About The Orthodox Church popped up on my social media feed today. The video is one of a series of videos on Christianity by a young Protestant woman named Lizzie. As you …

Free Jesus Prayer Mobile Wallpaper Download

jesus prayer mobile wallpaper download

The Jesus Prayer is a simple, beautiful prayer. In its most basic form it is simply, Lord have mercy. Every Sunday during the Divine Liturgy, Orthodox Christians utter this prayer dozens of times. We pray God’s mercy on the country …


Pulpit & Pen: Why Orthodox Christians Should Ignore Them

pulpit & pen has attacked orthodoxy needlessly

Pulpit & Pen is gaining notoriety in Orthodox circles. The website’s criticism of Hank Hanegraaff – and of Orthodoxy in general – are nothing short of shocking. These mocking attacks on Orthodox Christians are an embarrassment to Protestantism. The reception …


The Road To Emmaus And The Eucharist

the road to emmaus is symbolic of the eucharist

This week the Orthodox Church reads the account of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus. I’ve listened to many sermons on this topic over the years. But I only understood it after I became an Orthodox Christian. In Luke’s …

S-Town And The Desire To Be Loved

s-town is a story of envy and the desire for love

I just finished listening to the popular podcast S-Town. While it contains adult themes and language, I highly recommend it. For the uninitiated, S-Town is a 7-part presentation by the producers of another hit podcast, Serial. Set in the rural town …

Free Pascha Wallpaper Download

pascha wallpaper download

Pascha is here and Christ is Risen! Christendom is celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Unlike last year, the Orthodox Church celebrates on the same day as the West. This won’t happen again for several years, so enjoy …


Hank Hanegraaff Converts To Orthodox Christianity

hank hanegraaff was received into the Orthodox Church

Hank Hanegraaff, host of the Bible Answer Man radio show, entered the Holy Orthodox Church. His chrismation took place on Palm Sunday at St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, NC. UPDATE: On his April 11 broadcast, Hank Hanegraaff addressed …