Christ Is Risen Lock Screen

christ is risen

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!

This Paschal Troparion (special melody) is one Orthodox Christians have been singing for weeks now, and it’s been stuck in my head lately, the way a pop song does after hearing it over and over on the radio.

But in a good way.

There is also the exaltation of our priest at the end of each service. Before Pascha it was, “Christ is among us!” to which we reply, “He is and ever shall be!”

Now his exclamation is, “Christ is risen!” To which we reply, “Indeed He is risen!” (If your practice is to respond with, “Truly He is risen,” that’s okay too.)

All Orthodox Christians proclaim this in their own language, and it’s been a fun thing for our daughter to hear it said in Greek, Russian and even the local language of the Ugandan tribe that flock to the medical clinic our parish sponsors.

This week’s lock screen features the proclamation of the Paschal celebration in English, Greek, Church Slavonic and Arabic. It’s free to download and use as the lock screen on your mobile device. There are two ways to download the lock screen. The first is to click on the big blue button below.

Download “Christ-Is-Risen-lock-screen.jpg”

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The other way is to click on the preview below to access the full-size version, and drag the large image to your desktop.


christ is risen lock screen

The design work on this lock screen is my own; use and share freely for personal use. You may not include these wallpapers on other sites or any commercial product, without my prior, written permission.