Free Download: Beach Sunset Mobile Wallpaper

beach sunset

Sunset at the beach can leave even the most jaded cynic speechless.

The almost inexpressible beauty of the fading sun throwing orange flame into the sky. The rolling waves of the sea as they darken in the fading light. The purple sky providing perfect contrast to the flaming glow of the backlit clouds. Creation explodes in a nightly crescendo of God’s magnificent power.

So much for being speechless.

I took the photo used in this post a couple of months ago, as my wife and I strolled on the beach at sunset. We spent a weekend at the coast with friends, and on more than one occasion conversation turned to the hope that we might have a child. Our friends have two children, and they’ve long wanted us to share in that joy.

As it turned out, my wife was already pregnant.

That weekend we got to watch a storm rage off the coast, with lightning striking the ocean and rainbows in the morning. We saw sunrise and sunset, and walked along the sand with the tide washing over our feet.

We thought we were just having a nice romantic getaway. All along God was working a plan that we had long prayed for.

God is working in all our lives, every day. From morning until evening and through the night, His eye is on us. We should pray unceasingly and praise without end.

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