Free Mobile Wallpaper: Lord Cause Me To Dwell In Hope

you alone o lord cause me to dwell in hope

Hope is an illusory thing. Sometimes it disappears when we need it most. In the depths of despair and worry it is hard to imagine that things will get better.

In times when I cannot find a reason to hope, I do a very simple thing. I look up.

My troubles are all around me. When I find myself in the middle of worry and fear, I find myself looking at the ground. My entire being slumps earthward as the weight of my troubles bear down upon me.

But when I look up, I see the endless expanse of the sky and the light of the sun breaking through the clouds. Looking toward the sky reminds me that my troubles are so small compared to the grace of God. He that created the heavens gives me the hope that there is help above.

Try it. Go outside and look at the sky. Contemplate the insignificance of your troubles in light of the boundless grace of God. Feels good, doesn’t it?

You-Alone-O-Lord-lock-screen-smallI created this lock screen because we all need hope at one time or another. It’s free to download by clicking the button below. Use it on your mobile phone as a reminder that there is always hope in God.

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