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there is a healer great lent wallpaper

Most of my small audience are, I assume, Orthodox Christian. To you who are, I hope you began Great Lent well with Forgiveness Sunday. I ask each of you to forgive me for anything I have written that may have offended you, or shown Orthodoxy in a bad light.

We now enter our period of increased fasting, prayer and giving. If you have not recently attended Confession, I encourage you to do so. Unburden yourself from your sins and enter Lent without the weight of your stumbles.

As we move through Great Lent, our temptations will be many. As an American, I’m a part of a culture of excess. We’re surrounded by fast food and super-sized portions. It will be hard for me not to stumble, and I ask you to pray for me.

Each of us will have our own stumbling blocks. There will be times when we despair that our sins are too great to overcome. God will seem silent as we struggle to keep the fast, or to pray, or to care for those around us.

Don’t lose hope. God would not give us this great season of trial if we were not meant to pass through it. God is our healer and our help in this time. When we stumble, we can be sure He will restore us.

I’ve created a desktop wallpaper for your computer, and it’s a free download. I’ve used a quote from St. Issac the Syrian as a reminder that when we stumble, God is our healer.

Feel free to download this wallpaper and use it as a constant reminder that our struggles will increase as we increase our prayer and fasting. But our Healer is with us very step of the way.

[download id=”14484″]

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