Free Jesus Prayer Mobile Wallpaper Download

jesus prayer mobile wallpaper download

The Jesus Prayer is a simple, beautiful prayer. In its most basic form it is simply, Lord have mercy.

Every Sunday during the Divine Liturgy, Orthodox Christians utter this prayer dozens of times. We pray God’s mercy on the country and its leaders. We pray for the Orthodox Church and all her members. And we pray for the sick and suffering everywhere.

Praying the Jesus Prayer is also a wonderful practice for the individual. It brings us into an awareness of our dependence on God’s mercy. With the use of an aid such as a prayer rope, the Jesus Prayer can be a compass for our daily lives.

To aid in keeping this amazing prayer in front of you constantly, I’ve created a wallpaper for your mobile device. It’s a free download and you can install it on as many devices as you like.

My subscribers get access to most downloads before they appear here on the site. There are also member-exclusive downloads available.

The design work on this lock screen is my own; use and share freely for personal use. You may not include these wallpapers on other sites or any commercial product, without my prior, written permission.

Download “Jesus Prayer Lock Screen” – Downloaded 634 times – 204 KB

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