Orthodox Roots In A Protestant Church

orthodox scripture

What if I told you that many of the customs of your Protestant church originated in Orthodox practice?

For instance, what if I told you…

• The groom’s side and the bride’s side in your average church wedding are where they are because the icon of the Theotokos is always on the left in the front of an Orthodox church, and the icon of Christ is always on the right?

• That Protestants use grape juice in the Lord’s Supper because of a Methodist minister associated with the temperance movement? Thomas Welch saw the hypocrisy in arguing for temperance yet serving wine during communion, so he began marketing an unfermented product which became Welch’s Grape Juice. All Orthodox churches serve wine (cut with hot water) during Holy Eucharist.

• That Martin Luther, the catalyst of the Protestant Reformation, sought out the Orthodox Church to determine whether his followers should seek communion with the ancient Church?

• The creed in the back of your hymnal that references the “catholic” church was adopted by the one Christian church in 325 AD, and that this same church exists today?

• That the books of the Bible contain letters that were written by the Apostles to churches that were already in existence – sometimes for decades – before those letters were written? Would you ask how those churches organized themselves without a New Testament to guide them?

• That the “extra” books of the Bible that the Orthodox have always used were only excluded from the Protestant Bible in 1825?

There was a Church before the Protestants protested. There was a Church before the upper case C in Catholic. There was a Church from the time of the Apostles.

What if I told you it was still here?