President Donald Trump: An Orthodox Christian Reaction

pray for donald trump

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States after a bitter, nasty campaign season. We saw the worst of ourselves as a nation reflected in the two major party nominees. It was a nasty denouement to a year filled with bad news and pain.

This was the first presidential election since I became an Orthodox Christian. I truly tried to put aside the horserace aspect of the election that the media tries so hard to encourage. I wasn’t always successful. At times my own self-worth hung on the fortunes of one candidate or another.

Good, honest people from all walks of life voted for both candidates for honorable motives. Others voted for selfish or hateful reasons. God knows the hearts and minds of both, and it’s not my place to say which is which.

So now what?

As Christians we are called to be saints. We are to be a light to the world. We are to be the salt of this earth. This election does not change that commission.

Do not gloat if you voted for Donald Trump. This was not a victory for one team or the other. This was a national debate to decide who will lead this country. God raises up and lays low whom He will. This was not a win for “your team.” Treat those who disagree with love and compassion. Their fears and worries after a Trump win are an opportunity to show God’s grace, just as yours would have been if Trump had lost.

If you did not vote for Donald Trump, do not accuse those who did of racism, or sexism, or ignorance. There is sin enough to go around, and focusing on the sin of others hides the sin within our own hearts. Do not wait for Trump to heal this nation. Start healing it with your own deeds.

Above all, pray for Donald Trump whether you voted for him or not. He now presides over a deeply divided country, and his own flaws will make healing that divide difficult. Pray for him, and for this nation. Pray that God will give him wisdom and judgment.

Lord have mercy.

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