Saving Lives in Northern Uganda

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In the Gulu District of Northern Uganda, more than 1,500 people died from Ebola since August 2018. It is the second-largest Ebola outbreak on record.

The infant mortality rate in Gulu is ten times that of the United States. Malaria is the leading cause of death among children under five years of age. There is no place on earth with a higher incidence rate of malaria.

In addition to disease, homegrown terrorists are a threat in Northern Uganda. Boys as young as ten are kidnapped and forced into guerilla warfare. Young girls are taken as sex slaves. HIV was introduced to the area through rape by insurgents as a terror weapon.

Medical services are almost nonexistent. Intestinal worms and malaria are pandemic. Venomous snake bites or serious cuts are usually fatal. Leprosy inflicts unimaginable pain and debilitation.

Due to the overwhelming number of people needing care, visiting medical teams are typically instructed not to waste time listening to hearts, since there was nothing that can be done for any cardio problem detected.

These are innocent people, dying for want of even the most basic medical care.

Making a difference

The Northern Uganda Medical Center is a joint outreach of The Orthodox Church of Uganda and the friends and members of St. Philip the Apostle Orthodox Church Tampa, Florida. Established in 2014, the clinic has been seeing over 1,000 patients each month, with some walking as far as twenty miles in search of treatment.

In 2016, the clinic completed construction on a deep well that provides clean drinking water to everyone in the area. For most, it is the first clean water they have had in their entire lives.

With ten employees and the addition of a maternity annex staffed by the only midwife in the area, the clinic’s needs have exceeded expectations. There are now plans to build living facilities for four families, so that inpatient care can be provided.

The clinic desperately needs your help.

How you can help

Gifts of any amount help subsidize staff salary and medical costs. Donations to the clinic buy supplies and pay employees. Typical costs include:

• Clinician – $150/mo.
• Midwife – $150/mo.
• Nurse and lab tech – $120/mo. each
• Nurse’s aide and admin – $90/mo. each
• Handyman/night watchman – $45/mo.
• Medicine/medical supplies – $1,500/mo.

Donations to the clinic are tax-deductible, and go directly to the staffing and material needs of the clinic. There is zero administrative overhead. Every single dollar raised is spent on the clinic.

Please consider giving to the clinic. Donate via PayPal or by check by visiting the clinic website.

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