Solar Eclipse Mobile Wallpaper Download

solar eclipse mobile lockscreen

A solar eclipse is passing across the Earth later today. I’ve seen far too many posts on social media about its meaning and its relation to the End Times.

God has a plan for this universe and all that is in it. We shouldn’t spend time worrying about His plan and our role in it. Our concern should be to love God, and to love our fellow man. Work on our own salvation, and let God’s plan for this world play itself out.

I’ve created a mobile wallpaper as a reminder that Christ is the Light of the world, and that we all glory in His light. It’s a free download,

and you can install it on as many devices as you like.

My subscribers get access to most downloads before they appear here on the site. There are also member-exclusive downloads available.

[download id=”14808″]

The design work on this lock screen is my own; use and share freely for personal use. You may not include these wallpapers on other sites or any commercial product, without my prior, written permission.

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