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knowing the truth of orthodoxy

What is orthodox christianity?

If you are just discovering Orthodoxy, you’re not alone. Though it is one of the largest Christian fellowships in the world, it is relatively unknown inside the United States.

This site was created to be a guide for anyone who is interested in learning about the faith practiced by the first Christians.

It is also intended to help those already on the Orthodox path, with practical advice on living our faith. From parenting and being a good spouse, to help on keeping the fast, we will walk this path together.

About the Editor

As a Protestant convert to Orthodoxy, I’m on this road with you. Coming from a Southern Baptist and Pentecostal background informs my worldview, and Orthodoxy is a brand new way of looking at life. You can read about my journey to Orthodoxy here.

Above all, my prayer is that this site is of some help to even a single person seeking the fullest expression of Christianity. If something presented here gives them the knowledge or courage to take even one step forward on this path, that prayer will be answered.

Lord have mercy.

How to use this site

In addition to posts about the Orthodox faith, I write about applying the faith to daily family life. This includes keeping the fasting rule of the Orthodox Church, and I’ll occasionally feature recipes for healthy, fast-friendly meals.

In addition, I create inspirational lock screens and wallpapers for your mobile device or desktop. They’re free to download. My subscribers get updates delivered to their inbox, plus exclusive content and access to all my free downloads.

Where to start with Orthodoxy

Are you brand new to Orthodox Christianity? Don’t know where to start learning? I’ve created an essential reading list of books about the history of the Church, the practice of the faithful and the understanding of Scripture.

My ebook, 10 Questions About Orthodox Christianity, offers an overview of some of the most common questions asked by people outside the Orthodox tradition. The ebook is a free download for subscribers as well. Get the ebook here.


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