Video: What I Love And Hate About The Orthodox Church

What I Love And Hate About The Orthodox Church

A video titled What I Love And Hate About The Orthodox Church popped up on my social media feed today. The video is one of a series of videos on Christianity by a young Protestant woman named Lizzie.

As you may know from reading this site, Orthodoxy has recently come under attack from certain fringe segments of Protestantism. So I was apprehensive about what misinformed criticism this young woman might air.

And guess what? The video is not bad at all.



Lizzie details her encounter with a local Russian Orthodox church, and is amazed by the beauty of the Divine Liturgy and the timelessness of the worship.

She discusses the attempts of her own denomination (Church of Christ) to worship in the way of the early Church. She notes with excitement that Orthodoxy “has been doing it for 2,000 years, because they are the original Church!”

That’s a ringing endorsement if ever I heard one.

Lizzie delves into her love of the centrality of the Eucharist, the extensive reading of Scripture, and the fluidity of the Liturgy as a continuous song to our God.

“It’s almost like the room is the throne room of God,” she says.

Coming from a Protestant background, Lizzie naturally has nits to pick. She is concerned by the repetition of “Lord have mercy.” She sees God’s work as completed for all time through the crucifixion of Christ.

But the Orthodox concept of salvation is a work that is constantly being done in our lives. Her concern is understandable but misplaced, and discussions with a priest will help clear it up.

She tends to blend Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy, which is common for Protestants. A little more study on Church history, which she’s clearly doing, will lead her to understand the schism.

Lizzie’s Journey Continues

Another of Lizzie’s videos discusses the problems of Sola Scriptura, which puts her far outside the Evangelical tent.  Clearly Lizzie is thrilled by this journey, and admits at the end of the video she continues to explore Orthodoxy.

From her description of the video:

I realized in high school that if there are 30,000 denominations of Christianity in addition to so many other religions that the church I grew up in is probably wrong … This is my current view on the Orthodox Church. I mostly love it.

I know what you mean, Lizzie. And I hope your interest continues, and that you come to see what so many of us former Protestants have found in the Orthodox Church.

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