We’re building a foundation

building a foundation

Building a house starts with a building a foundation. Without a solid foundation, you can expect nothing but trouble in the future.

If you sense a metaphor coming, you’re on to me.

My wife and I are in the process of house hunting. We are doing our due financial diligence and talking with lending and realty experts in an effort to make the most informed decision possible. This is a process that began over a year ago, as we looked at our financial situation and took steps to put ourselves in the best possible position to buy.

We’ve been building a foundation.

In much the same way, my wife and I went into our marriage with the intent to build as strong a foundation as possible. We were received into the Holy Orthodox Church the same day we were wed, and those two events will forever be linked in our lives together, and those of our daughter. Our new family was built on a foundation of trusting in Christ and recognizing our marriage not as a secular celebration of love, but as a sacrament of the Church. And this sacrament continues every day as we work to strengthen our bonds.

We’ve been building a foundation.

You may have noticed some minor tweaks to the site over the last several days. A new logo (the cross actually spells out the initials in Finding The True Faith!) and some changes to the look. What you’re not seeing are the late nights I’ve been spending after everyone is in bed, working on the back end of the site.

I’m making some pretty big changes that will be unveiled very soon. My hope is that I can make this site not only a hub for learning about Orthodoxy, but applying it to daily life as a parent, student or someone making their way in the work world. I want this site to be a resource for you, whether or not you’re Orthodox.

In order to do that, I have to build a foundation.

You are part of that foundation. Your comments, Likes and prayers are what keep this site going. Keep them coming, please.

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