What Does It Do? Take A Reader Survey

reader survey

When I began this website, my priest gave me his blessing to discuss my path to Orthodoxy despite how early I was in the journey. He reads every post (I assume), and comments on the good and the bad. He chides me when my theology is bad and compliments my writing when he thinks it’s deserved. He’s been a wonderful source of feedback.

My priest is patient with me, and he knows how to tell a story to get his point across. After Vespers this week, he related one from his youth.

It seems he was taking a physics class in high school (he and I went to very different high schools), and his assignment was to build a working electric motor. After much labor, he presented his instructor with a design he thought fulfilled the requirement.

A flip of a switch, and the little electrical machine whirred alive and hummed as the professor looked on. As my future priest awaited praise, his instructor looked down his nose at the device, and then up at his young student.

“What does it do?” he asked.

Momentarily surprised, the student snatched up the device, rushed to a work table and hastily attached a propeller to the little motor. Then, presenting it once again to the professor, announced, “It’s a fan!”

He got an A.

As Orthodox Christianity becomes more well known in the United States, it is becoming more of a cottage industry. It’s what we do here; we find something people like, and mass-produce it. The host of Be the Bee put it this way (ironically, perhaps):

I don’t want this website to become just more noise. I don’t want it to just be a sounding board for yet another Orthodox convert that thinks he’s acquired the wisdom of the saints after spending a few months in the Church. My prayer from the beginning is that this site can help even one person seeking the true faith of the followers of Christ.

What does this site do, in other words? To understand that better I need your help.

I’d like you to tell me what you want this site to be. What you need it to be. What would help you in your spiritual walk and your search for the true faith.

I’ve created a reader survey that takes less than 5 minutes. If you’ll let me email it to you, you’ll be able to help me understand what you’re looking for out of this site, and help me deliver on that. Already a subscriber? You’ll be receiving the survey soon.

What does this website do? Let’s decide that together.