What Happened To Me? I Found Orthodoxy

i found orthodoxy while browsing old books

There are people who knew me long before I found Orthodoxy that have been reading these posts. They grew up with me, went to school with me and worked with me.

They know that I went kicking and screaming into having a Facebook page. Now they see me posting links to a blog about becoming an Orthodox Christian.

What happened to me?

There are people that have seen me married and divorced. People who have seen me drunk. People who know I have a foul mouth when I’m angry, or making a point, or sometimes for a punch line.

What happened to me?

There are people out there who I taught in Bible study classes. These men and women have seen me with my hands raised in the air, swaying to praise music. They cried with me as someone in our congregation spoke in tongues.

I have friends who knew me as a Bible-thumping Baptist, or as a Pentecostal, or a Mainline Presbyterian. Some of these friends do not believe in God at all. They chuckle as I change denominations like some people change clothes. Meanwhile they remain consistent in their unbelief.

What happened to me?

There are family members that have seen me move from hobby to hobby and trend to trend. Today I immerse myself in politics, or religion or Crimson Tide football. Tomorrow I get bored and move on to the next thing. This too shall pass, they may be thinking. My family isn’t wondering what happened. They’re wondering when I’ll stop talking about it.

So what happened to me? I wish I knew.

I’ve called myself a Christian almost my entire life. I don’t have an amazing conversion story in which God delivered me from all manner of sin and debauchery. I’m from Alabama, so there wasn’t much doubt what path my belief system would take.

Still, there are are people that wonder why I’ve jumped into a faith they know nothing about. To some its a passing phase. To others it is a betrayal. What happened to me?

I’ll try to answer that question. But it’s going to take time because I don’t have the complete answer myself.

I found Orthodoxy, and a brand new library opened to me. Meanwhile, I stood outside reading from the clearance rack. The books inside are the wisdom of the Church from over a thousand years. The clearance books were written last week.

All this time I thought I was preparing a defense for a trial. Instead, I needed a hospital while trying to cure myself with home remedies.

I thought I was either straddling, or on the wrong side of, some clearly-defined fence. In fact I’m on a road leading away from my home. Sometimes I walk a long way before turning around and walking back. But I’m never out of sight of my Father.

But you don’t want overwrought analogies. You want answers. You want to know what happened to me.

I’ll tell you, but it’s a long story. And it’s not finished yet.

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